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So Many Dead Horses is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

They just seem to die around us. A lot.

Xbox LIVE posse.

Joining the posse

Build a time machine, go back in time, and become friends with all of us in either high school or college.


  • captjackvane
  • oldpainless133
  • aftermath86
  • ir8
  • jack bauer 70
  • big bear 216
  • adrenalin986
  • wrath of canada

Animals we've killed

  • Each others' horses
  • Other peoples' horses
  • Lobo the wolf
  • Kahn the Jaguar
  • Bears with knives

Tales of our Legends

  • Jack bauer 70 charged right past Ir8 into the arms of the enraged bear and was killed before he could, from Oldpainless133's vantage point, even get a stab in. Pretty awesome. Oldpainless133 pulled the old "wheel around and stab him while he's standing" maneuver.
  • That fortress at the end of the night was 100% ridiculous to watch the cannons and gunfire in the darkness. Oldpainless133 didn't even have to look at his map to see where the Posse was at. The sky was on fire.
  • Adrenalin986 watched his cannon ball fly into a Mexican army soldier and completely decimate him and his horse.
  • Oldpainless133 and Big bear 216 are riding in a stage coach. Big bear 216 is riding shotgun. Adrenalin986 is a hundred feet behind or so riding on horseback.

Oldpainless133: "and Big bear 216 has dynamite."

Big bear 216: "haha yea"


Big bear 216 let's the dynamite blow up in his hand destroying himself, Oldpainless133, both horses on the stage coach, and kills Adrenalin986's horse.

  • Khan the cougar/jaguar. Bastard took 4 shotgun slugs, about a dozen or so rifle shots, and a few more rounds from Big bear 216 to take down. He's nimble and deadly.

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