SoaP is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

S.O.A.P formally known as Special Operations and Associated Privateering is an Xbox Live Mercenary gang created for GTA IV and BFBC2. S.O.A.P has been planning its approach to Red Dead for an uncounted number of days. S.O.A.P does many things such as hunting parties or lending Private security to other posses who are short the man or Fire Power. Have Fun and Enjoy

Joining the posse

To Join you must message one of the leaders. Changing your name is optional and only suggested after a number of SoaP events you have Participated in. If you insert ISoaPI into your name you can never be kicked from the Gang/Crew/Whatever you want to call us. You are given a choice to either leave on your own or be "Exiled" Read More info on Exiled on the ISoaPI website


Ask and you shall Receive


The Lynch Gang



  • Toque ISoaPI
  • oPekkero ISoaPI

Other members

  • FaulPanda
  • Retro ISoaPI
  • OilyBlobBob
  • SunkenDestroyer
  • Frostbite 122
  • Euronia
  • Dr Crown18

External links

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