The Seal of the Son's O Marley

Son's o Marley is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Decendents of the great man himself, Mr.Bob Marley. Brothers of Damien and Zigi and Stephen. We will fuck you up

Joining the posse

The Only way you can join is if you can name us 10 Bob Marley songs and 10 Damien Marley songs off the top of your head. If you cant...we will fuck you up. Another way you can join is if you send us your banking info and pin number via email! just so we can sponsor our team...if you do this you will be promoted to leader!!!


McBounds Hebert Ghazali Northwood Marmus Tshituka


  • Leader 1 : mcboundz
  • Leader 2 : mclovin963

Other members

  • Ride or die(open)
  • Ride or die(open)
  • Ride or die(open)

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