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Sons Of Liberty

Sons Of Liberty is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are an unrivalled bounty hunter service we'll catch whoever, kill whoever, for the right price. (Or a ride on your wife, whichever works.)

Our main members consist of The Goddamn Batman, The Joker and a Storm Dragon, FUCK YEAH!

'Muricans will be shot. (We know it's spelt wrong, but you say it like that, so take it you whore.)

Women don't shit or poop.

Grow the fuck up and stomp out a baby.

Is that the beta male?

You'd better duck, 'cause I'm about to turn left, and I wouldn't wanna smack you with my dick!

If you try to kill us, we will hunt you down and because you can't be doing that vagina c'mon.

Joining the posse

To join you must be a skilled and dedicated bounty hunter and beat one of our leaders to join; to challenge us for the chance to join message one of our leaders on xbox live, and we'll tell you where and when to meet us - see you in the west.

Shit, son, I'mma punch you in yo' face, son!

I should snap his neck, totally gonna yell Sons of Liberty when I do it. I can see it now... *Sons of Liberty!* AH! *snap* Heh, amazing.



  • Mr Joker Guy
  • Arashiryu San
  • Mr Bat Guy

Other members

  • UnfundedDiamond
  • BloodRedemptio
  • Oo FiiTzY oO
  • DNDR FairLady
  • Simmy Cat
  • (Open)

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