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Sons of Mexico is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the Sons of Mexico

"Tyrants and warlords will always come to plunder and pillage Mexico, but her sons and daughters will always be there to defend her." - Unknown patriot

We are quite a serious posse (we're not hardcore, we just don't tolerate any mucking about). We mostly spend our time in Free Roam, doing hideouts and hunting bounties, as well as doing a lot of Co-op, but we also do gang matches now and again. As for other players/posses, we rarely start a fight, but be warned that crossing the Sons of Mexico will not be forgotten.

¡Viva la revolución!


The Sons of Mexico broke off as a splinter group of the revolution after it became apparent that Abraham Reyes was corrupt and would not provide the free state we were fighting for. Initially, the schism lead to open fighting, and we were driven out of our old base at Nosalida by those still loyal to Reyes. Whilst we now try to avoid them if we can, we do occasionally come to blows with them, and of course we are always fighting the Mexican Army.

Unfortunately, financing a revolution isn't cheap, and we often have to conduct operations in America to gain the neccessary funds. When we do, we try to avoid the law and focus on criminal gangs.

Joining the Revolution

If you want to help overthrow the tyrannical regime in Mexico, just message me on PSN (outrider5) and I will get back to you. All new recruits will have to pass an initiation test to prove their loyalty to the revolution (task varies by person).


  • We are on PS3.
  • Must be a team player. NO lone wolves.
  • Must be a good person (no griefing other players, etc).
  • Must choose a character from either the Rebeldes or Misc. Mexican groups.



  • Leader: outrider5
  • Second in Command: Open for consideration

Other members

Anyone is welcome to join as long as they fulfill the requirements. We take good care of low level members and help to guide and progress them.


The Sons of Mexico operate out of Torquemada, in Diez Coronas, Nuevo Paraiso. It has been the headquarters of the Sons ever since it was recaptured from the Mexican Army. Because of this, we often come into conflict with the Mexican troops stationed nearby at El Presidio.

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