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The TRUE Fireflies.

Sons of the Damned is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Sons of the Damned is an all outlaw posse. The Posse is a group of outlaws that are currently wanted by the Federal marshals for over 600 counts of murder, kidnapping and prostitution. The Son have finally came out of hiding, only the two leaders are left, looking for recruits.

Most times, the posse leaders can be found roaming around the outskirts of the USA or in Mexico on the run.

Joining the posse

Requirements for joining:

Over the level of 10. To be able to either contact over mic or messaging. To be on as much as possible (In case the posse becomes wanted or target of another posse)

Please contact Bik3rOutlaw on Xbox 360 if you wish to join on


High Powered , Mausers or Semi automatic pistols are BANNED in this posse as they are used for powergaming, camping and just ruin fun for other players and they take the fun out of the playing.

If any tension between different members of the posse, it MUST be brought up to the Patriarch/Matriarch. This will then be solved by a shoot out between the two members in tension in an area that NO other member besides the leader(s) is allowed to go, as the referee. The winner of the shoot out will then stay in the group, depending on the problem, the looser will either be kicked out or will be sent to another part of map and then the beef will be difused.

Betraying other members, such as using a shotgun, knife, dynamite etc to kill another member on pourpose will result in immediant exclusion, bannishment from joining the group, though if the kill is accidental, a simple mesage to THAT player and the leader will suffice. If that's the case, you will not be punished, hey accidents happen.


  • Leader 1 Bik3rOutlaw. (Patriarch)
  • Leader 2 TOTALALY EVL. (Matriarch)

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