Soul Assassins is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Soul Assassins was founded in August of 2010 by J.J and Max when they decided they wanted to conquer the online aspect of RDR. Later, J.J and Max became known as the "Twinz" because they had the same clothes and guns, but after actually establishing themselves as the "Soul Assassins" people thought it would suck, because it only had two members. Eager to prove themselves J.J and Max invited several friends and destroyed other players in several Multiplayer matches, then dozens of players wanted to be in the posse, but, they only recruited seasoned players. After several months of making a name for themselves, Soul Assassins had 88 Active members, and 54 Unactive Members. Several months later in February of 20ll, they recruited their 250th active member (At that time, they had over 100 inactive members) Currently, Soul Assassins have 293 Members.

Joining the posse

ou're invited.




  • Leader 1 To_The_Max;Leader
  • Leader 2 JJDIDTIEBUCKLE; Underboss

Other members

High-Ranking Members

  • Member 1 DWIGHTIEBEAR;Head General
  • Member 2 Twilight_Assassin1112; Major General
  • Member 3 stopandthink; Head Colonel
  • Member 4 KlondikeBarzzareGoode; Secretary

External links

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