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South West Outlaws is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the South West Outlaws

We are the baddest outlaws in all of America. As you can tell from our name, we operate in the southwestern states of America, like Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah. Our boss, West, is nothing short of a marksman when it comes to using his Winchester. He is a legend of the old west. As for Maverick, our leader, he prefers to use the Henry. Don't get me wrong, our whole gang is deadly with a gun, but there's a reason why SWO West and SWO Maverick are leading this gang.


  1. Be respectful of your crew members, especially the ones with a higher rank than you.
  2. You are forbidden from using semi-automatic weapons.
  3. You are also not allowed to clan hop, double clan, spy etc.
  4. You are not allowed to use hacks, mods or glitches such as the invincibility glitch or iso mods.
  5. Finally, be patient, if you do shit for the crew and you improve your skill, we'll notice and we'll reward you.

How Do I Join?

If you're asking yourself this, then you aren't ready to join. If we see you in a free roam and you know how to handle yourself, we'll find you.


  • Rustler
  • Road Agent
  • Gunslinger
  • Outlaw
  • Gang Lieutenant
  • Gang Leader
  • Gang Boss

Meeting the Crew

Gang Leaders

  • Gang Boss SWO West
  • Gang Leader SWO Maverick

Gang Lieutenants

  • Gang Lieutenant 1 DarkDragon58945
  • Gang Lieutenant 2 Undead Taco1122

Gang Road Agents

  • Road Agent 1 SCARFACE327


  • The Freelancers (TFL)
  • Texas State Marshals


  • West Side Outlaws (WSO)
  • Unforgiven (UFG)
  • ShadowRiders (SR)
  • RoughRiders (RR)

Territories We Own


  • Fort Mercer (Base Of Operations)
  • Thieves' Landing
  • Armadillo


  • Casa Madrugada

Assassinations By SWO

  • WSO Lost Outlaws X3
  • UFG KingRomulus
  • SR Cowboy up
  • UFG Armageddon
  • WSO Mayhem (This kid is extremely annoying.)

Clan Battles

  • South West Outlaws vs. West Side Outlaws (Won)
  • South West Outlaws vs. Shadowriders (Won)
  • South West Outlaws vs. Roughriders (Won)
  • South West Outlaws vs. Roughriders (Won)

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