Gas Mask

Soviet Unionists is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

(Russian Theme Music) Men of the Soviet Union unite! The Red Army is here in the US of A! Back in the day when Russia owned the world, and Nic was the leader of the world because Rob shot someone, basically everyone was fine. подавить все оппозиционные


We use tomahawks and wear bandanas and ponchos.... WITH THE HAMMER AND SCICKLE!!! (Its just really small so you can't see it). Ponchos are so awesome mexicans wear them, everybody likes mexico. Except Sylar. He hates everyone. Bandanas are also awesome because they totally conceal your face so you can rob people and/or knock them out and/or rape their face. Oh wait, thats just Thamesmead. LOL, just kidding that's Fraser's house. Just kidding with all of that we are actually a serious posse we just have nothing better to do at school. Yep nothing better to do than talk about how bad Fraser's house is.


Joining the posse

Message TheFuzzyMole for an invite. He will pobably tell you to do something stupid, like be friends with him. DON'T do it! IT'S A TRAP! Even god hates him... he paid for delivery and didn't get it as fast as Spasticator. Your probably better asking Spacticator2 if not ask Lenin Nemoy. Hah Rob's Nemoy doesn't work.



  • Leader of the World: Pi face dude (Xbox360 & PS3)(That's right I have it on 2 consoles)
  • Leader 2: Resolute Sniper (Xbox360)
  • Leader 3: Spasticator2 (Xbox360)
  • Leader 5: Comydom xxx12 (Xbox360)
  • Leader 6+7: Yo Mama(shes so fat she takes up 2 places)
  • Leader 8: Random Hobo From down the road.
  • Leader 9: SOULJA 006 (Xbox360)

Other members

We don't need random people joinng our posse, we are so awesome we are all leaders.

  • Member: TheFuzzyMole (Xbox360)

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