Starship Renegades is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About The Posse

Starship Renegades Was Established In The Summer Of 2010 With The Sole Purpose To Take The Red Dead Redemption World By Storm. Since They're Establishment Tallygurrrrrrl & BTi Dyskusten Have Dominated The Single Player Campaign Completing It In It's Entirety As Well As It's Additional Downloadable Content Challenges. When It Comes To Multiplayer They Are No Strangers Either, With A Combined Play Time Of A Week And A Half This Duo Is Determined To Prove That They Are Nothing To Take Lightly, With A Steady Climbing Up The Ranks For The Both Of Them And An Undying Will To Complete Every Challenge Rock Star Has To Throw At Them, Tallygurrrrrrrl And BTi Dyskusten Show No Signs Of Slowing Down In Their Quest To Conquer Red Dead Redemption And Become The Most Notorious Duo To Ever Enter New Austin.


"Respect It Or Get Dealt With"

"Hated By Many, Confronted By None"


  • Tallygurrrrrrrl (Mounted And Dangerous)
  • BTi Dyskusten (Renegade)

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