Member of Stay True:

  • FlammableTofu
  • XxShimmyxX
  • Sigleo
  • UB Smoke

Our Bio:

  • We are a Posse of Level 50 Prestige 5 and we just like to fluff stuff up just saying.....We are more of a family then a clan, posse, organization or any of that..were jus tryna function if you ctach the drift just saying and as a family we really like each other and enjoy playing together we're all about glitching and other things like that and we arent to competetive unless provoked......but this group was created on behalf of someone with the GamerTag of Pumpernickle... XxShimmyxX and FlammableTofu created this group after we found out Pumpernickle was a backstabber<3 and liked to say stuff behind our backs so we decided to make this group to stay true with each other instead of being a limp tard.....just fluffin Cute.....i got the swagger of a lion.....torta

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