Super Adventure Club is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We here are a group of explorers that travel the world and...... molest children. From the little runts of Esculera to the brats of Blackwater there is no child we have not molested. The founder of the Super Adventure Club was none other than William P. Vinnius. Vinnius climbed the highest peaks and tamed the mightiest rivers, but everytime he got somewhere, he realized someone had already beat him to it. Vinnius was depressed until he realized that if he couldn't be the first to discover places, he could however be the first to have sex with the native children that inhabbited those places. Vinnius quickly went down in history as the first man to have sex with the Aboriginee children of Juolaroo, and the first explorer to bugger all the underaged mountain folk of Nepal. Vinnius soon realized that molesting all those children... had made him immortal. He discovered that children have particles in their bodies called Marlocks, and when an adult has sex with a child, the Marlocks implode feeding the adults receptic cavity with energy that causes immortality. Vinnius travelled the world and molested many, many children and he lived for eternity, until he was hit by a train in 1892

Joining the posse

If you share our pashion for molesting children and wish to be immortal, then join today!

Message any member over Xbox Live

We have enough children to molest while we travel from place to place so if your underage, this is not the club for you.



  • William P. Vinnius


  • William Connelly
  • SamOX16
  • Sneakybeaver94

Other members

  • TheIronGut
  • Connar11
  • Sneakyfox94

External links

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