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THE LEAD AND GOLD GANG is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Lead and Gold Gang is an established XBOX-exclusive RDR posse..... It consists of mainly UK members but is open to members of other timezones, if you don't mind the time difference.......

This posse was formed to have some fun, both in freeroam and PvP..... We tried to breakaway from the influx of elitist posses spending all their time in PvP..... We just have fun doing absolutely anything and everything that this game has to offer.....

The Lead and Gold Gang is mainly made up of more mature members. However, we accept younger people and hope to be good in-game role models to them..... Make sure they know that there's more to the game than just insulting eachother and griefing.....

The Lead and Gold Gang are proud to be allied with established posses; The Bandits, The Knaves , FTR ...... Also, Reign in Blood and xRDRx (Red Dead Rulerz)........

Joining the posse

Our Website -

@ The Forums -


Michael (TheSweeneyFozz) - Clan Leader

Martyn (xRDRx ADONYSx) - Co-Leader

Cat (thepyroarcher) - Founder

Jamie (JEwen97) - Founder

Squirrel (SoldierSquirrel) - Chief of Acorns

Tiernan (TheLongArmedOne) - Gunslinger

Wouter (wW Galvanize Dd) - Gunslinger

Anthony (madman and gun) - Gunslinger

Sam (aLucidMind) - Gunslinger

Liam (BaronVonSkinnZ) - Gunslinger

(parki1997) - Gunslinger

(ScruloAssassini) - Gunslinger

(Damnation Rider) - Gunslinger

Sam (the shooting hedgehog) - Gunslinger

(ANTI Terrorist1) - Gunslinger

(FineGun) - Gunslinger

Sander (Ihunderboy) - New Recruit

Jack (Just Jack 006) - New Recruit

Logan (dark shade32) - New Recruit

(SGTCxelites) - New Recruit

Evan (kylezarmy) - New Recruit

Danny (DannyHex) - New Recruit

External links

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