The Westside Outlaws

Status : Active

We are the most feared outlaws ever. If you are part of the law and you come across us, then it really isn't your day. We have bounties higher then you could ever imagine. We are the badest motherfuckers around all of North America and Mexico, if you cross us prepare to pay with your life. To become an outlaw you must sacrifice everything you ever loved for money and power. You also have to risk your life day by day to get what you want. We have been around since the july the game was released meaning we have been around longer than most of the big clans. If we are not causing trouble we would just chill in


Loyalty and Respect is the most valued code. You have to respect all of your fellow outlaws. You must also be loyal to your leaders and be willing to die for your leaders. Their is no double clanning or clan hopping alowed. We dont use semiautos, high powers and mausers. We do not use casual aim or use bobbing. We aim to return the wild west back towards the wild days, we will go down in history as the most ruethless and dangerous outlaws ever.


Tourquemada, Armadillo, Thieves Landing, Tumbleweed



Clan War History : Claimed Territory

1. Red Bannor : Armadillo - victory

2. Dark Riders :Nothing - victory

3. Texas Marshalls : Nothing - victory

Rank System

1. Gang Boss

2. Gang Leader

3. Gang Lieutenants (2)

4. Outlaw

5. Greenhorn

6. Slave

Joining the posse&nbsp To join the posse you must be an outlaw character. you must have a headset, you must have a outlaw title and you have to be able to take orders from the leaders. if you want to join send the leaders a message and i will talk to the leader. oh and we play the Xbox 360 Members


Gang boss - Shadow iZ 503

Gang leader - WSOStranger115

Other members

Member 1 - evil vegeta85

Member 2 - DarkDragon58945

Member 3 - Undead Taco1122

Member 4 - l Triggerman l


Member 6 - Rashanp 2

Member 7 - xMVP zASSASSINz

Member 8 - Sonicthafurry


Member 10 - TheReclaimer113

Member 11 -

Member 12 -

Member 13 -

Member 14 -

Member 15 -

Member 16 -

Member 17 -

Member 18 -

Member 19 -

Member 20 -

Member 21 -

Member 22 -

Member 23 -

Member 24 -

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