TKL (The Klan of Legends) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About TKL

The TKL which stands for The Klan of Legends is a red dead clan only. We recruit anyone with skill and doesnt trash talk. We have a few rules that members are required to follow.

1.) No Casual Aim at any Time and if you are caught using this aim you will be removed from the clan.

2.) No Pistols of any kind in any situation.

3.) During a meeting, no guns or killing

4.) You can use Normal aim but we will mainly be found in hardcoremode

5.) The official mount is the American Standard Breed and you are required to use that.

Follow these rules and you will be promoted. Our ranks are pretty simple.

1.) Recruit- Need to go through basic training for horse back and soldier

2.) Private- Need to participate in one meeting and one battle

3.) Private rank 2- Need to recruit someone

4.) Private rank 3- Need to join a squad

5.) General- Lead a battle and beat the enemy

6.) Commander/Squad Leader- Will be assigned by clan leader

7.) Leader- Clan leader no higher rank

Over time the ranks will be filled but for now all members will be recruits.


Characters will be changed throughout but our character now are zombies

If you would like to join contact


Fear DA Blitz96


Fear DA Blitz




TKL DarkfireXx



Fear Da Blitz96: Leader

MachoMan1130: 2nd in Command/Advisor

TKL DarkfireXx: 3rd in Command/General

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