Eagles of Death Valley
Talon is a Posse in Red Dead Redemption.


This Posse/Gang is all about team work. We Roleplay alot and we do it in hardcore. You have to be able to cover your friend in a shootout against the cops. The talon gang was named after the two people that started the gang are named eagle and falcon. We are one with all animals and we use them to our title


In order to join this gang you must prove that you can be one with animals. You must also be in our good graces. Then you must contact either xSNIPERxEAGLEx or xSNIPERxFALCONx on xbox live. The final step is that you must be an indian in the multiplayer.


The Talon Gang Hideout is in Rio del Lobo. It has many ways to defend without being seen.

Gang Members

(xSNIPERxEAGLEx) (xSNIPERxFALCONx) (Oneshotkiler) (mwsurvive)


"We are Talon" "You Think you the bee's knee's son?" "We don't take kindly to the other gangs round here."

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