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TaCt1Cal J3SUS after the posse made themselves known in a now non existent town

Team TaCt1Cal is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Team TaCt1Cal is a Posse that focuses on professionalism. Be it assassinations, Robbery, Taking out other posses or Hunting to gain money we will do it in a professional and organized manner. All of our members work as a team to accomplish any goal, quest or mission set in front of us.

Joining the posse

If you wish to join Team TaCt1Cal you must prove to us that you can work professionally with the rest of the posse, there will be no extending insult to a person's skill, no leaving people for dead, and most importantly you must be good at playing.


This is how our posse roles!

Promotion and Demotion

Doing certain things in (And out) of the posse can lead to promotions, or if you are disruptive, demotions. Below is what you should and should not do if you are hoping for a promotion.


If you wish to be promoted you must prove yourself to either the Army chief of Staff or the Vice-Chief of Staff. This can be in a number of ways:

  • Not totally messing up
  • Working well with your other team mates
  • Making a helpful contribution to the team, be it through money, combat or anything else that benefits us a whole.


If you do not follow these rules, while in the presence of the Army Chief of staff or the Vice-Chief of Staff, or there are 2 complaints about simillar behavior, you will be demoted. The lowest rank you can be demoted to is Private Second Class, however if you are break the same rules again, you will be removed from the posse indefinitely.

  • Do not insult other members of the team
  • Do not only do things in the game for yourself, completely leaving out the rest of the team
  • Do not ask for help then shove off other members if they ask you for help.
  • Do not take command of a mission without the permission of whoever is in charge (Army and Vice-Chief of staff are Default, however they can put someone else temporarily in charge)
  • Not listening to the Leader or Vice-leader or Equivalent.

Ways to be promoted

There are many ways to be promoted, the first being a Race or Duel against the person of a higher rank, or if that person declines, it is a race against a leader OR you fulfill a test given to you by the leader!

If you pass this test, you will take the place of the person above you, who will be demoted to where you were.



  • General of the Posse (Leader) : TaCt1Cal J3SUS (Tom)
  • Posse Chief of Staff (Vice - Leader): bradcoolslol125 (Bradley)

Other members

  • Lieutenant General: TaCt1Cal Sn1PEZ (Z0MBI3lplover) (Sam)
  • Colonel:
  • Major: TaCt1Cal FUS1ON (Niall)
  • Sergeant:
  • Corporal: TomBevo (2nd Tom =P)
  • Private : xMW2xabzzzzzz10 (Luke)

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