Teh Trollercoaster is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

This is the Teh Trollercoaster posse, starring Pirate Man and Army Boy. We focus on having fun in the free roam sessions of the game, we do not take it seriously and laugh profusely at people who do. And we also focus on trolling in the game, we will randomly kill anyone in game unless they message us not to. And we like it even more when people get angry and come after us and take the game too seriously, because we will then kill them over and over, because that is what we do: Provoke hilarious overreactions.

(We are XBL)

Joining the posse

We currently only have two people in the posse, and we are not looking to expand at the moment.


Pirate Man (GT: AfluffyMeerkat) Soldier Boy: (GT: Scavenger48187)


  • Pirate Man
  • Soldier Boy

Other members

None at the moment.

External links

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