Ten Crowns is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Ten Crowns, is a gang with the purpose of protecting honest and innocent people of Mexico. Our main base and meeting point is at el presidio Mexico, whenever we start a session we will meet there. Our activities are assaulting wagons, train and towns in U.S. territory and also completing gang hideouuts. By being a member of this gang,you'll be able to do whatever you want as long as it follows the rules, you don't have to be at any specific rank to join, as we will provide all the help you need to rank up and become a 50 level player. We will protect you from any harm even if we have to risk our lives for you, no one in this gang is leftbehind, everyone has the same rights.


1- Do not ever commit a crime against any mexicans unless necessarily, only terrorize U.S. territory
2- Stay with the gang at all times, we always ride together and stay togheher, don't go anywhere else without our permission
3- Respect everyone in the gang, we are all brothers,dont harm, or shoot any gang members
4- You respond to me and DEVASTATOR 5000 for orders
5- Finally, we will have scheduled sessions every saturday night

Joining the posse

send me a message to my xbox username Barrmanny9


  • Leader 1 Barrmanny9
  • Leader 2 DEVASTATOR 5000

Other members

  • Member 1 Chuy 1027
  • Member 2 Psych0tic FaMe
  • Member 3 etc.

External links

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