Texas Flag

the texas flag the photo of the mighty Texas Militia

Texas Miltia PS3 is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a large miltia group fight for Texas in the game knowing that the game in the US is Texas we made the Independent Republic of Texas there is a goverment and a small senate i am the president of the Independent republic of texas and the Colonel of the Miltia which in our case is the head honcho we fight anyone with U.S. in there name or that represents the U.S. we made Armadilo our capital of the republic our main goal is to defend Texas with our lives

Joining the posse

Contact TX-Miltia_Reb or TX-Miltia_Nayz for further contact



  • Leader 1 TX-Miltia_Reb
  • Leader 2 TX-Miltia_Nayz

Other members

  • Member 1 TX-Miltia_John
  • Member 2 TX-Miltia_Mike
  • Member 3 etc. TX-Miltia_Britt

member 4 TX-Miltia_Mason member 5 TX-Miltia_HH member 6 TX-Miltia_CK member7 TX-Miltia_Joe

==External links== or contact me on my email

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