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Texas Rangers (PSN) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

As the Texas Rangers, we help the law, bounty hunt, hunt, and do gang hideouts. We also fight other gangs who shot us first. We are usually based out of Fort Mercer or Chuparosa as a base for Mexico operations. We also use Rio Lobo as an outpost or base should Fort Mercer be taken over by some other posse. We try to sort of outline and coordinate fights beforehand if possible. This posse is pretty serious and shooting members of the same posse may cause suspension or expulsion( UNLESS the posse leader has allowed you to mess around for a while).

Joining the posse

To join, contact deathstar5566. You must be expierienced and not mess around.Upon joining, you will likely be given the Sharps buffalo rifle, should it be available. You may only use as a long range weapon, and none of the three auto pistols are allowed. In terms of characters, it is prefered if you use a skin that looks like a ranger or some sort of law enforcement. The skin doesn't neccesarily have to be a lawman or Marshal, but it shouldn't be a skin that looks like an obvious criminal. It is also ok if you decide to play as a Federale. We hardly ever use transports, and ride as group when possible. If your abilities are in need of sharpening, you may be brought to a private session or secluded area for some training.



  • deathstar5566
  • Leader 2

Other members

Eastwood007 Blacktooth07 Str8_ShOt-KiLLA


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