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-BrOTH3Rs-FoR-LiF3 - OuTL4Ws-To-Th3--3nD-

Th3--V4uLT-BoYs- is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Th3--V4uLT-BoYs- are a band of highly skilled killers all the way from the motherland herself, Russia. The only reason for their existance is to bring death and humiliation to the scum known as the '40 year old virgins' (the individuals who see it necessary to reach the maximum level of prestige or legend and so forth) Th3--V4uLT-BoYs- are well known for their accomplishments and will stop at nothing to track, stalk, and murder their gold-plated victims, each kill another trophy for the evergrowing collection. So wether its H4nK-HiLL-Xx blowing your brains out the back of your head at two miles away, Th3--Ph4nToM-Xx slitting your throat without even knowing he was there, or even ALF-sT3w4RT-Xx stomping you to death with his boots, if you're a 40 year old virgin, Th3--V4uLT-BoYs- can, and will, end you.

Joining the posse

Accepting suitable contractors



  • H4nK-HiLL-Xx

Other members

  • DokToR-wH0-Xx
  • ALF-sT3w4RT-Xx
  • M4uRi3-sT4cK-Xx
  • Th3--Ph4nToM-Xx
  • + 29 more.

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