Th3 K1d Gang

Th3 K1d Gang is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Those that ride with ArtyTh3K1d know freedom at its purest and funnest form. This posse is not for the faint of heart nor do they babysit, you gotta have a sac to ride with these boys. Joining this posse is like becoming part of a family; a family of bandits who rob, talk trash, and can crack shot a greenhorn from a mile away. If you prove your worth to these fellers you'll have a group of men willing and able to die for you. Just don't ever double cross them otherwise you'll end up dead as a door knob.

Joining the posse

First off by joining the posse you have to know how to shoot a gun and use your wits. Th3 K1d gang will run you through the gauntlet at Pike's basin on Expert mode and you have to complete the entire gang hideout without dying... and no help at all. The second phase of joining is knowing that you can take a beating. For a solid minute every posse member will beat down on you and you can't submit. If you survive you'll pass on to phase three.Th3 K1d gang needs to know if you are reliable so for the third and final phase of the initiation you will rally up with Posse members for your first Gang Shootouts, if you do good and stay with a Positive Kill to Death Ratio you're in, and the benefits are sweet. When you pass the phases and earn your stripes you get the respect you deserve. And if any other dingleberry thinks otherwise you'll have the backing to prove them differently, with a nice solid shot between the eyes.


Listed here are the Outlaws who make up Th3 K1d Gang. All Legends in their own rights but together they are a Legacy that Red Dead Redemption players will never forget.


  • ArtyTh3K1d - The Charismatic Leader
  • T0nedBlackbird - The Loyal Rebel
  • DABRONZSONATOR - The Silent Enforcer
  • TheMonsterSV - He's a damn monster 'nuff said.

Other members

  • xxxA8E546xxxXYZ
  • XxRepulse87xX

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