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{{}} is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

800px-Mexico Flag Map svg
==About the posse==

we are supreme cheesey doritos we eat animal meat and cheesey doritos we rule the land of MEXICO and were only on xbox live head-set required,we love to terrorise the town of blackwater and armadillo we play just 4 fun

Joining the posse

to join this posse you must request to this gamertag "stick man12345" and il view your account and reply either negative or positive within 7 days


Rooster "nacho" Gooster (job)captain & map cordinater

avalable captain slot (job)vice captain & map cordinater


  • avalable (job) bounty hunter
  • avalable (job)2nd bounty hunter

Other members

  • avalable (job)posse slave
  • avalable (job)normal
  • avalable(job)normal

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