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Rdr irish excuses

Stinkin' sons of strumpets!


''''''''''''''''Members of the clan''''''''''''''''

  • ''''''''''''''''TheMadIRISHMen00
  • ''''''''''''''''TheMadIRISHMen01
  • ''''''''''''''''TheMadIRISHMen07
  • ''''''''''''''''TheMadIRISHMen8
  • ''''''''''''''''TheMadIRISHMen13
  • ''''''''''''''''TheMadIRISHMen19
  • ''''''''''''''''TheMadIRISHMen21
  • ''''''''''''''''TheMadIRISHMen69
  • ''''''''''''''''TheMadIRISHMen86
  • ''''''''''''''''TheMadIRISHMen87
  • ''''''''''''''''TheMadIRISHMen99
  • ''''''''''''''''TheMadScouseMan
  • ''''''''''''''So Far...........

''''''''''''''''No Glitchers or Cheaters. ''''''''''''''''

''''''''''''''''Aim of the game: use any weapon available kill by any means and have a bit of craic.

''''''''''''''''Can be found online usually at about 22:30 hrs GMT.' '

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