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Shadow TRIBE

About ShadowTRIBE

There is so little to say about a "family" tribe, that has been around since the launch of Red Dead Redemption The #1 and always leader: ShadowTRIBE_Boss and his OG members were next to impossible to beat. Clans by the bunch feared to even be caught in the same sessions with the TRIBE, and often they were "kicked out"

What Happened to the Shadows?

Little is known why the ShadowTRIBE slowly disappeared. All is known that almost little to no members of the ShadowTRIBEs ever were caught in a free roam session... It would stay like this until early 2013...


In Early 2013, the TRIBE began to reappear, with some very new faces, and a very strong backlash. Some rolled eyes and viscous snears, not to mention, fake pages and botched fake user names... Yet no one could deny the ShadowTRIBE had made a return, but would it last? Yes...  As long as there is Family, the ShadowTRIBE will be there.


Some (if not all) members have a sketchy, torturous, and painful past... New members included into this... Some have been labled as "Most Wanted" on Red Dead WIKI others bullied beyond compare... Yet this is the glue that holds this TRIBE together. The ShadowTRIBE may be hated, feared and trolled, but the bond of friendship and family is stronger then any spoken word...


Shadow is what you fear, but shadow is my home... You want respect, but respect is not given, its earned...

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