The Æsir is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Æsir mercenary company was founded in 1908 in Liberty City, NY. The founders "Gray Fox" and Captain Dee met in a gun fight on the streets of Liberty City. The Swashbuckler Captain Dee invited the stealthy Irishman known as "Gray Fox" by the Native Americans to join his crew. They went up North to Canada and backed up a group of Canadian troops making their last stand at a broken down fort. They recruited two of the officers, Major Input a skilled tactician and the expert marksman known as "Cannnon Fodder" by his fellow troops due to him holding up on the frontline. They broke the seige on the fort and made their way back to Liberty City. They started officially started The Æsir mercenary company there. After working for the Feds, local police and gangs they heard the west was where the money was. Once they start a job they don't quit until they get paid, one way or another.

The Aesir sign

Joining the posse

Invite Only


Xbox Live / PSN


  • Leader 1 GrayFox006 / GrayFoxSix
  • Leader 3 CannonFodder135 / CannonFodder135
  • Leader 4 InputSnoopyZero
  • Leader 5 XescaflownX

Other members

  • Member 1 Jordan41
  • Member 2 Way2Fine
  • Member 3 DastardlyRascal
  • Member 4 BouncingTomb


We're owl exterminators!

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