The 28th Lawmen Brigade

The Leaders of the c

The 28th Lawmen Brigade is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are not the kind of clan that wants to be better than everyone else,we just wanna have fun. Fight at gang hideouts, steal stagecoaches, level up, the usual stuff. If you shoot us our entire clan will be after your ass, otherwise just leave us alone and we won't have a problem. Our main Base is at Cochinay, and we are in the middle of finding more places on the way. Also, in the future we are planning on military classes as well, like for example, cavalry, demolitions, sharpshooter, etc., so if your interested, look us up on xbox live, send a message, and we will get back to you. The Facebook page is up and running, so feel free to check it out. Clan first created on 2/12/11

Joining the posse

  • A headset so we can talk
  • do better than three of our leaders in a match, and well decide if you do good enough.


  • warrior matt 1
  • TrnSettakolgrin
  • NeonRedPhoenix
  • EMH 7of9
  • Doomguy458
  • Darrellc92
  • ZERO N7


  • SMCGRADY:Commander
  • Jesus539Christ:1st Lieutenant
  • LukeKneewalker:2nd Lieutenant
  • MoreMotajones:3rd Lieutenant
  • MrRaceFace:4th Lieutenant


  • The Vipers

External links

Facebook Page:!/home.php?sk=group_190956884268619&notif_t=group_activity

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