The 3 Coolios is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Originally a baltic art movement consisting of two crusty druids and a prostitute operating in the area known as AFRACA. They were at the height of their popularity 4oo years ago? 500 years later three strapping young lads reanimated the spirit of the original 3 COolios and now chat about on Red DEad REdmpshudn. The 3 strapping young lads are authentic bear men none of which have touched rare fruit of mexico. DEFO NOT MATE


AFRACZ whereabouts are unknown, what is known about afraca is that it is a nation of men with moist bum oles. When these bum oles get super moist, they expand to create the monstrosity known only to man as 'Peeweeizle'. Chris Redfield (A former Afghan prince) And his lapdog Merlin strived to defeat these afracz only to fail and be forever condemned.

Jamin's Timeline

> Needs shit

> Puts dick up arse

> Shits dick off


BOWLO SANTOWZI is the brains behind the operation. her muscular arms create great thinkin POWAH and assist in her ability to be lesbian and do stuff. She is happily married to HERBERT MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON and have 2 children together and a dog and mor stuff and stuff.



Joining the posse

Cause The 3 Coolios are well cool they only let like 3 peeps in on the act. HOWEVER the lizard boy known as SLYBEANISH is in the posse, when this happens we are known as THE 3 COOLIOS FT ELLZBELLZ. This is a magical occurence prophesised by the wonderous chino wearing fools in the height of power.


The following names are all the same people, triple joined twins or sum shit;

  • Mr Bunsen (The Good) Druid bumole 1
  • Mafewww (The Bad) Druid bumole 2
  • Jaminface (The Ugly) Prostitute

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