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The 6th Aces is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

A XBL Roleplaying and Free Roam Clan That Consists Of Some Young And Older Players. Roleplaying: Acting if it were real life for exaple running a farm or being a B.O.I, Army , Outlaw. But there are some rules. 1: NLR (New life rule) you forgot who kills you and your wanted level from other playes except if you call it in which is calling for backup by sending a man to get help (Army, B.O.U, cops, and sheriffs only) 2: RDM (random death match) You cannot kill people without a reason even if you an outlaw you must attempt to rob them (Give them pretend money which people earn by their jobs and need for supplies, food, wagons, etc.) The law enforcement groups can hunt down outlaws that NPCS haven't already killed. 3: Transport Escape (...) You really shouldn't use the transport unless law enforcement are moving from a city or outpost to another and can use to try to roadblock ahead and if civilians are traveling long distances. 4: Leader Rules (Admins) The Leaders are basically the admins.Listen to them to boot people and etc.

Joining the posse

Send a message on XBL to Snake4199 saying "6th Aces"


  • Deadeyes18
  • VIPER61989


  • Chocolate4199
  • Snake4199

Other members

  • Deadeyes18
  • VIPER61989
  • O S L A P P E D
  • O S P A N K E D
  • DLJunkie

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