The 6th Battalion - Red Dead Redemption

A Banner of The 6th Battalion and it's Leaders.

The 6th Battalion (XBL) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the organisation

The 6th Battalion is an organisation set up on Red Dead Redemption, Xbox Live. We are a serious organisation, We will do roleplay after the work is done. Whether you're Infantry, Recon, Cavalry, Scout or Engineer, We can guarantee you a space in the 6th. How we are organised is we have set up a system along the lines of Regiments>Companies>Platoons>Squads. > Represents what goes inside the value. We have an official website, which is yet to be updated: We are a sequel to the American Western Army 22nd Brigade, a very popular organisation. Our rules are 1. Uphold the Justice 2. Respect all, Even the enemy 3. Obedience within Ranks.

Joining the posse

Joining the 6th Battalion is fairly simple. We ask only that you do not send a Friend Request yet, as we will simply decline the Friend Request. If you are willing to join our organisation, Please send a message to General Legion (See Leaders) on Xbox Live and he will invite you into a party or Private chat for a brief description, where he can answer questions or issues. How we initiate people into the organisation is we take them into the Academy. The Academy is a place where you will be trained the basic formations.(As you progress within the ranks your training and authority will be improved.) We will issue combat training to those who show complete dedication and deserve the training. If you are looking for a clan alliance, Please again refer to General Legion.


We would not like to share our ranks, But you may see our Leaders.


  • General of the Army OASIS BEADY EYE
  • General B2K x LeGiioNZz
  • Colonel Odyessues
  • Lieutenant Colonel PaTri0T LEGEND

P.S. if i want to join, u must tell me how many people r in clan.

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