The 7

The 7 is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Unlike other posses The 7 only contains 7 members.
-all members are trained to use expert.
-no pistols (volcanic is the only acception)
-each member has set skills and weapons.
-Base is El Matedaro

Joining the posse

Send Cheeky_Bast_ard a message to recieve an invite.
after your skill is tested you will start expert training and become part of The 7. We use playstation and not XBL



  • YEBBERZ_97 (Soldier)

Other members

  • MRS_KC_BAST_ARD (Rifles)
  • Sophiali86
  • Ireland-Anarchy (Heavy)
  • rdportney1 (Demolitions)


Give Em Hell or Give Em Nothing


  • must speak english
  • Character must be an outlaw or a Random character (no uniforms)
  • beaten story mode
  • be atleast lvl 10

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