The 8 Forgotten Revolers is a Red Dead Redemption P
8 Forgotten Revolvers



About The Revolvers

We are a serious gang no smalltime weapons just the best, and I mean the best. The best guns, the best horses and the best members. The reason my posse is the best is because all posses are brothers we look out for all of our back. To challenge us to a Gangmatch you first have to play me. xxpuremojxx is my Gamertag on Xbox360. In an 1 vs 1 fight our Posses will face eachother in a Gangmatch, you lose if you dont show up after you have challenged us. Member limit is 16 people as long as we do not have that amount of members people can join.


Joining The Revolvers

The best damn Posse in all of Red Dead Redemption to join message: xxpuremojoxx or booboo595 on Xbox Live.


  • Leader 1 xxpuremojoxx
  • Leader 2 xEliteXsheePx


  • Member 1 DTA Doggzofwar
  • Member 2 Specal OJ
  • Member 3 DTSGM
  • Member 4 MIKEND34
  • Member 5 ADC Blackout
  • Member 7 big ben1337
  • Member 8 RPA x NV M3
  • Member 9 xXINF3RNALXx
  • Member 10 xEliteXsheePx

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