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The A-LIST is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a clan on Red Dead Redemption on the XBOX360. The clan was founded in 2010. by MICH4ELxJACKSON & CLiNTxE4STWOOD. We are usually found in Normal free roam, or messing around in gang matches, or stronghold. We are currently allies with SOR, & LDC. We are an ever growing family so if you're interested in joining, continue reading below.

From the ground up we round up.

Joining the posse

If you are interested in joining A-List, please send a message to either MICHE4ELxJACKSON, CLiNTxE4STWOOD, o DOCXHOLiD4y o, or M4yhEMxMiLLER. Of course you'll have to 1v1 one of them to prove your worthiness & or if we can improve you.


The A-LIST leaders

MICH4ELxJACKSON - General of army (GA)

CLiNTxE4STWOOD - General (GEN)

o DOCXHOLiD4y o - Lieutenant General (LTG)

M4yhEMxMiLLER - Major General (MG)

The Family

Self Target - Brigadier General (BG)

DANO OWNS - Colonel (COL)

Batilia - Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) // MICH4ELxJACKSON's personal R4PIST [PR]

Splashy Boat - Major (MAJ)

oI3obxMArl3Yo - Captain (CPT)

XPurpleXJesus28 - 2nd Captain (CPT2)

KR4yZiExChiCk - 1st Lieutenant (1LT)

Stuud muffn - 2nd Lieutenant (2LT)

Cow Bloody poop - Warrant officer (WO)

Killer p 41 - Chief warrant officer 2 (WO2)

ACxSLaTeR - Chief warrant officer 3 (WO3)

RoNxJ3R3My - Chief warrant officer 4 (WO4)

Rich4rd xBOONE - Chief warrant officer 5 (WO5)

xX RM kRaToS Xx - Sergeant Major of army (SMA)

WiCkEDxPRiNC3SS - Command Sergeant Major (CSM)

YoungTrini88 - Sergeant Major (SGM)

Killerrob234 - 1st sergeant (1SG)

kidreezy123 - Master Sergeant (MSG)

JERRYxG4RCiA - Sergeant 1st class (SFC)

Mizz Luisa - Staff sergeant (SSG)

Flux pavillion - Sergeant (SGT)

MICHE4LxjFoX - Corporal (CPL)

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