300px-John Marston1

Hello ladies and gentlemen I am John Marston here to tell you that i am alive and i am the leader my family is dead i have no one

The American Raiders is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

A new posse with only one member ( me ) raiding every town gang hideout train station and home in we find killing everyone in our way i have personally killed Nate Johns so whoever joins this is n enemy of America I am working on killing Abraham Reyes this is a PSN posse and doesn't kill other members must be dressed as well not a lawmen, marshall, FBI agent etc. we also kill anyone in our turf ( anywhere in Tall Trees that doesn't have people we hunt rob murder steal and assassinate.add Daddyluigi to join


  • Leader 1 Daddyluigi

Other members

sadly no one

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