About the posse- There is no care for the land anymore, our families are all dead, we are a group of blood thirsty outlaws that will kill anyone we see and terrorize the people of West Elizabeth and get revenge on everyone that killed our families. Nobody can stop us, our numbers are growing and we will never stop, never!

What we do- since we are one of the most notorious gangs in the game we love to form a so called "Wild posse" where we ride through the towns of West Elizabeth killing anyone we can see and otaining large bounties upon ourselves. we also respect the land greatly so we never hunt for more than what we need. We also love going on Massacres where we burn buildings, kill people and rob banks.

Joining the posse- When joining the posse send a message to johnman873 or LACHSTAR890 and tell us that you want to join and what your current rank is. Also since we are a Native American tribe you must choose a character from the Dutches Gang section in the outfitter and tell us which character you would like to be. Our main hideouts are the Wreck of Sendripiity, Bear claw camp and of course Cochinay. We play in normal free roam and also love gang matches.


1- You must play as a Dutches Gang character
2- You must obey the leaders
3- You must be hostile to anyone that is not in the gang
4- You must have a golden gun or get specially chosen by one of the leaders.
5- Your mount has to be a horse
6- Have fun!


Leader 1- johnman873
Leader 2- LACHSTAR890


Member 1-
Member 2-
Member 3-
Member 4-
Member 5-

Just have fun and thanks for joining The apache clan:)

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