The Apache warriors

About the posse

The Apache Warriors are commited as brothers to each other and fight together as one unit. We fight to confuse, intiminate, and to kill our foes. We are men that prove each other to be worthy of rank and to show that we have pride for the Apache. We will be a memory to everyone on rdr that the Apache is to not be reconed with.

Joining the posse

There few ways to join the Tribe, We will test u in fight in combat and see what weapons u use most.Also we will only take people that will play online at least 4 or 5 times a week. We will also tell u how we fight and why we fight the way the we fight. The Tribe will also put u to the test by kicking u out of the posse and seeing how u can survive on ur own in the wilderness of Tall Trees. At the mean time u will be watched by some of the Apache scouts to make sure u are doing what u r supposed to do which u will have to kill a cougar with a tomahawk, kill a pack of wolves with ur bowie knife, and kill a bear with a Tomahawk or a Bowie Knife or a Throwing knife. At the mean time i might as well tell u what u cna be in the tribe. U can be a Apache horseback warrior, a Apache Scout, a Apache Sun Dance Spirit(elite warrior) which the only way to become one of these is by showing what u can do. \


sb12kid Basicmc


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