Ricketts blowing away Javier with a shotgun

The Assassins Brotherhood is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

This posse is just about the same as its name,we are a group of assassins only on PS3.We do different things like play free roam,play online matches,kill other posses ect.Our hideouts are Torquemada,Mescalero,Rathskeller Fork,El Presidio,and Wreck of Serendipity.If you are getting killed come to one of these hideouts and send a message to a teamate telling that you need help.I will tell you when there is going to be a posse(clan) war.We sometimes have meetings,when we do we meet up at Coots Chapel.Each of you will get a room somewhere on the map.Once you get better or you finish a chalenge(that I make)I will put you on a higher rank,you can also go down ranks.Also there are different weapon skills.If you are good at a certain weapon I will asign you to uselly be using that weapon during a posse war.We will also do team practices.

Thats mostly all about the posse,if you have any questions send them to me on my PSN gtafan2001.

Posse Ranks:





Joining the posse

-No mic needed( but helps) -Does not matter how old you are -Does not matter what level you are on -Does not matter where you live -Message gtafan2001 a friend request(tell that you want to join the posse in the message)



  • Leader 1 gtafan2001
  • Leader 2 killerpandaUSA

Other members

  • Member 1 gumek71
  • Member 2 dothedew22
  • Member 3 polobaby-103

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