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You're not part of it, so don't do it

The Badness is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are the badness, man! We are a posse of xbox live banditos, live badness....and such. Fear us! We dwell deep within the fort of El Presido. Don't try and get in, trust me, we have cannons....and badness...and such. We are a peace loving bunch until we see you. Then we become angry at your presence and take offense to your lack of badness (aka kill as fast as possible...probably with cannons...and badness) Try to avoid our precious El Presido at all costs.

Joining the posse

You cannot. Trust me, you are not The Badness enough.



  • Soulshredderz
  • vohha

Other members

  • SpiderSlayerz
  • Zodiac Killer79

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