The Balcon is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

A posse that anyone can join. just don't be an asshole and your welcome into our posse. We often kill in free roam, and practice in free for all's. Our posse is known for lasting the longest in a session we join. Mostly a couple talk the talk, but the rest of us actually walk the walk, so anybody is capable of joining.


What most of us have in common is the fact that we seem to run into the "Mexican Locos" alot. Make sure you can handle a long and enduring fight if you join, Of course you don't have to stay as long as we do.


Theres alot of freedom in our posse, just keep in mind that if you need help with anything, we can help you,(mainly Spuds2008 & passgrockstovy). there's plenty for all, so enjoy your stay.

Joining the posse

You need to add Mr_Cucumber93 in order to join. there are no harsh requirements other than being able to handle words, and being able to shoot "decently". We tend to have alot of fun, anybody can join. If u wish to ride with another, then u'll just have to deal with passgrockstovy and UnHolyMessiah. :)

So relax and have a great time, we will be in RDR for "EVER", until they stop the servers of course.



  • Leader 1 Mr_Cucumber93
  • Leader 2 Online_Gravey

Other members

  • Member 1 ON2DANEXT1
  • Member 2 passgrockstovy
  • Member 3 lightninja32
  • Member 4 UnholyMessiah
  • Member 5 Ptype
  • Member 6 KongaKualaKing
  • Member 7 Spuds2008
  • Member 8 nbpwner
  • Member 9 cold_mixer
  • Member 10 wrongdude
  • Member 11 xeldaxonx
  • Member 12 snoopy9mm
  • Member 13 laokuangzhi
  • Member 14 duck-alien
  • Member 15 Dogg_Demon
  • Member 16 geardestoryer
  • Member 17 Dmon22
  • Member 18 Cold_killer33
  • Member 19 cumminboy98
  • Member 20 fergiebear
  • Member 21 Deanoldskool
  • Member 22 proxystar
  • Member 23 xeimen
  • Member 24 necome
  • Member 25 Nick_G
  • Member 26 Mr_lemur
  • Member 27 Hustonblast
  • Member 28 wheresmyuzi
  • Member 29 speedy
  • Member 30 casey0807
  • Member 31 NamesDean
  • Member 32 Harry_Dobbing
  • Member 33 EmperorDonut
  • Member 34 ChopperDog08420
  • Member 35 GandorV
  • Member 36 Kurn_Cat
  • Member 37 Lespaul70
  • Member 38 RDR_Rockstar

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