The Bear Brothers .2

You're in good paws.

The Bear Brothers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse


Sam Silver and Blake Silver are two half-native half-Brit brothers. They roam America in search of their fortune and fame, attempting to become living legends. They also look to show those that pull their triggers before usin' their brains the error of their ways. Like many brothers, they don't always get along... If you see them, it's almost certain one will make a shot at the other.

Name Origin

The name "The Bear Brothers" originates from a close encounter. No prizes for guessing what with. At 12, the boys were ambushed by a grizzly whilst hunting rabbits. Blake took a dive towards a nearby stream whilst Sam was stood still, gawping at the beast. Blake picked up and flung a few rocks, distracting the bear and hitting it a few times. Sam had a small knife, and in the heat of the moment his dream of becoming a legend seemed a soon reality. Taking an almighty leap, he flew onto the bear's back, slashing its back and leaving a knife in its leg. Blake had remembered the hatchet he'd dropped nearby (when startled by the bear) and had the sense to throw it at the beast. That hatchet landed directly in the bear's massive left paw. With an almighty roar, the bear stood on its hind legs and knocked Sam off. It slowly but surely ran into the dense forest, leaving the boys alive.

Other childhood adventures involve hawks, racing on buffalo and the Christmas Poo of the late 1800s, Mr. Neckerchief.

Other information

Blake is mainly skilled with snipers, throwing knives, molotovs and rifles.

Sam is better with tomahawks, revolvers (and pistols, but he thinks kills using something semi-automatic isn't skilled), the evans repeater, the bolt action rifle and Miss Dyna Mite.

The posse take a "Man with No Name" type attitude. Their neutral stance means that they'll be fine allies if you treat them well. If you treat them poorly, that's your mistake. Although Ty may be a little hasty... In short; they're good fellas that have a bad side.

The other name for the posse is "Twin Silvers".

Joining the posse

Family and good friends only.


  • 4


  • Sam Silver: Mafia Bear1
  • Blake Silver: CoolHandStu

Other members

  • NegativeCreepXD
  • TFTY7

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