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The Black Bone Bandits is an Xbox Live Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

(Xbox Live Posse) The Black Bone Bandits are a ragtag group of experienced Sharpshooters, Duelists, Quickdraws and Cutthroats who roam the countryside of the southwestern U.S. together on jet black stallions. They are feared by all because of their expertise in raiding and looting small settlements on the outskirts of civilization. in fact, they are rumored not to exist, because when they raid a settlement, they usually leave no trace and no survivors. if you are a lawless bandit or skilled marksman, if you like to live on the dangerous side of the law, or if you want to play free roam mode with a dependable gang of bloodthirsty bandits, then you should seriously consider joining The Black Bone Bandits.

The Black Bone Bandits don't take kindly to lawmen, vigilantes or soldiers (American, Mexican or otherwise) that try to get in their way. This includes both NPC's and other players. Possies who think that they will be doing the world a favor by trying to stop the Black Bone Bandits, you've been warned.

Joining the posse

If you're interested in joining The Black Bone Bandits, then contact Headshot Jack over Xbox Live

Headshot Jack is now accepting applications. Just send him a message over Xbox Live. The Black Bone Bandits are hoping to have around 12 to 16 ACTIVE players at the height of their power.


These are the official ranks within the Black Bone Bandits

Bandit King - Leader of the BBB. only one person may be the Bandit King at one time.

Deperado - The right-hand men of the Bandit King, there are three Desperados to help manage and lead the posse.

Gunslinger - A Bandit who has proven their usefulness, resourcefulness, or cunning to the posse more than once.

Bandit - An official member of the BBB who has proven themselves useful to the posse.

Outlaw - A new recruit to the posse that has not yet proven themselves to the posse.



Headshot Jack (Founder & Leader) - Bandit King

Uberjd (Officer) - Desperado

Bipolarbear RD (Officer) - Desperado

Vande54 (Officer) -Desperado

Other members

Bluember - Outlaw




None yet, but the Black Bone Bandits are willing to form an alliance with one or two other possies with similar interests to theirs.


None yet, but due to the single-minded and violent attitude of the posse, enemies are sure to be made sooner or later.

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