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The Black Label Mercenaries is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

A Black Label Society, host to those proud to be labeled "Devil among men" from the lowest southern tips of Nuevo Paraiso to the highest northern tips of West Elizabeth. Those who claim this life see no boundaries; (but the gallows as a release into something further?) (In progress, LIKE! My rp profile! e.e - Edward W.)

Joining the posse

You must be approved via EdwardXVI or Killer200x in order to become a Captain/Member of The Black Label Mercenaries.

When grouping up, captains are allowed to select two members to join there group, while leaders are allowed to select one captain with two members. Or two leaders alone/two captains alone/two members or four members together.




  • Captain 1: Scaaary
  • Captain 2:


  • Member 1:
  • Member 2:
  • Member 3:
  • Member 4:

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