The Black Leaf Clovers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Black Leaf Clovers, formed by Irish Immigrant Shaymus MacPeak in 1894. He was dealt great injustices buy the Law upon arrival into New Austin. After meeting other fellow Irish and Irish-Americans, he decided to form a posse who would create their own code and live by the gun. They don't care to shoot you down over a shot of whiskey, but they live by a code, a code with a strict set of morals in which killing women and children is not permitted unless in cases of life or death, breaking this code will be punishable by execution. Many of The Black Leaf Clovers are bear knuckle boxers and would be happy to oblige you in a fight, so if you come across The Black Leaf Clovers stay out of the way of their gunfire and you won't end up with an ace of clubs on your back.

Joining the posse

Requirements for the posse include coming from or having family from the land of Éire, and each person interested in joining must complete three tasks overseen by the posse leader Shaymus. Tasks will be given upon contacting the leader. Each task will be different depending on the person.

Members & Ranks

The Boss

  • Shaymus "The Repeater" MacPeak (poemaster69)

The Right Hand Man

  • Desmond "Quick-Draw" McGraw (Lakersdude13)

The Two Chiselers'

  • Robert "Lucky Gun" Smith (sheepofallah)
  • Liam "Blood-Bath" McGrath (JCR 2350)

The Boyos

  • Kyle "The Fox" Martin (lukefrywalker)
  • Member 2
  • Member 3
  • Member 4

Member History

  • Shaymus "The Repeater" MacPeak - Came to New Austin in search of the American dream. He quickly learnt that no one was on his side and there was no dream. He decided to make his own dream and live by the gun.
  • Robert "Lucky Gun" Smith - Came to New Austin to work for the railroad, but he soon found more money was to be had in robbing them.
  • Desmond "Quick-Draw" McGraw - The son of Irish-American Gypsies, Desmond grew up hard and realized nothing in life was easy to come by, and that if you wanted it, you kill who you have to and take it.
  • Liam "Blood-Bath" McGrath - Little is known about Liam. All that anyone knows is that he was born on the boat ride over and hates his mother. Liam is usually quiet and disgruntled, so he won't hesitate to put a bullet between your eyes.
  • Kyle "The Fox" Martin - Came to West Elizabeth to assist with Blackwaters town upgrade, upon his arrival he saw how poorly the Irish were treated. Furious, he took up arms to prove their superiority. He refuses to trust anyone but his Irish brothers.

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