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The Blood Patrol is a gang in Red Dead Redemption.

About the Gang

We run on Xbox Live. Nobody under age 12, no immature gamers, no team killers. Do not apply if you are less than level ten. We base out of El Matadero in Nuevo Paraiso We usually take part in raids of towns and runs of gang hideouts. We do not usually attack Torquemada, Cochinay, Escalera or Thieves' Landing, the first two because of remoteness, the third because of fortification and position, and the last because, well, there is no law to kill. However, these are not the only activities we take part in. In Western New Austin, Lower Tall Trees, Punta Orgullo, and Perdido, we ambush lone travelers and posses, to the point where we have been so omnipresent that whole posses have been disinegrated. Our road attacks keep entire posses apart, as our forces are so fast and deadly, in is virtually impossible to slither by us.

Gang initiation and gang rules

Message Anthwar if you want to join. We'll look through your qualifications and vote on if you will be allowed in the gang. Do not apply if under level 5. You must use a character with a red bandana.

Standard Weapons

Standing Colonel: Any weapon obtained

Lieutenant Colonel: Bolt Action Rifle, Pump-Action Shotgun, High Power Pistol

Chief Officers: Henry Repeater,Double-Barrel Shotgun, Semi-Automatic Pistol

Road Sergeants: Winchester Repeater, Dynamite, Schofield Revolver

Recruit: Repeater Carbine, Cattleman Revolver

Gang Members

  • Colonel: Anthwar
  • Lieutenant Colonel: cagiraldo16
  • Chief Officer: theduckatesoap
  • Road Sergeant: Smokinaces 528

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