Unicorn glitch

The Bueno Boys is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the Bueno Boys

We're the chillest of the chill, the trillest of the trill. We mostly get levels like nobody's business but are down for a fight in gang matches or free roam. We are active, but laid back. Only accepting other cool people. The Bueno Boys have no internal rankings asides from the founding members. If you're into gaining a bunch of levels and hanging out with some fellow blazers, this is the posse for you. How to exploit the unicorn glitch is a member benefit! XBOX 360. Bueno...

Joining the Bueno Boys

Are you:

  • Over the age of 17?
  • Chill/ not a douchebag?
  • Trying to legend/prestige FAST?
  • A decent sharpshooter?
  • A current owner of a microphone?
  • Possibly holding a slight resentment towards law enforcement officers?

If so, send a text/voice message to a leader over xbox live! We will probably invite you on a leveling excursion followed by some gang matches. If we think you would be a good fit, we will invite you to join the posse. No pressure though, we are generally relaxed.


The Bueno Boys Founding Members

  • "NAME" (PRESTIGE ##)

  • CapnLanky (*****)
  • Elis Miguel (**)
  • imALTEREDone (****)
  • CJ Crapple (****)

The Bueno Boys Members

  • "NAME" (PRESTIGE ##)

  • LuckmeMsFund (*)
  • Highonbykes
  • Whiplash530
  • TheDeathDea1er (*)
  • brandon came (*)

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