Rdr Posse

The Buffalo Soilders is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a Free Roam mostly posse and we love Buffalo's.We have a secret base but youmust first pass our initiation before you can see it.We complete gang hideouts , help each other with challenges , have wars with other posse's and loads more.You dont have to have a buffalo to join as we (The 2 leaders) should have a buffalo.We are on PS3

Joining the posse

To join the posse send Dr_who_17 or Brillsniper a message saying something like "i would like to join The Buffalo Soldier's "and we will add you (we cannot add you straight away as we have full friends)



  • Dr_Who_17 (My Buffalo is called Johnny)
  • Brillsniper (My Buffalo is called JimBob)

Other members

  • Member 1
  • Member 2
  • Member 3 etc.

External links

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