The Bureau Of Investigation is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a competitive gaming clan.But we try to have fun at the same time.We reside in West Elizabeth but go out to serve justice often."We are the real badguys....we enforce the rules."

Joining the posse

The criteria for membership are as follows:

-Follow the Golden Rule: "Don't Be a Dungball...Be A Dude."

-No little kids. Only mature players or age 14+ allowed, however if a prospective initiate shows an abundance of skill and maturity, then special considerations can be made.

-Members are to use the following to identify themselves: Characters from the U.S Marshal character list.If you do know how to get a Marshal it will explained once you join the clan.You must be a Marshal that someone else is not.Send Lt General Ham a message if unsure if you are a Marshal someone else is.

-Each player must follow the Rules of Engagement: "Do not fire unless fired upon."

-Members should pay attention to the leader when they are calling shots.

Those seeking to join the Bureau should send a friend request to Lt General Ham.And a message that should include a brief synopsis of the player's style and reasons for wanting to join. From there the request for membership will be reviewed. Upon making contact with the Director, an assignment is given to the initiate and if they can complete it with a Agent present, they can join the Bureau.


  • Lt General Ham(Director)
  • HbR x CROWNzz(Assistant Director)

Other members

  • PianoTugBoat
  • General Turkey5
  • this is savage
  • DigitalxPh33rx
  • Owen X X

Most Wanted

These players are to be shot on sight until they,'Rage quit'.



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