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The Bushwhackers

The Bushwhacker Rangers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Bushwhacker Rangers is a regiment of The Bushwhackers, which is led by Thecoltkid. We are a a gang of rangers that are skilled horsemen and deadly gunmen. Our gang is a sharpshooter/scouting regiment that does a variety of tasks to help support our brothers in the main posse. Everyone in the Rangers is a Bushwhacker. We are all brothers and we will help each other when needed.

We are an Xbox360 gang.


  • We will assist The Bushwhackers in whatever they need.
  • We will cover retreats/withdrawals.
    Jesse james

    Jesse James while he was a Bushwhacker

  • We will guard campsites and patrol Bushwhacker territory.
  • We will scout for The Bushwhackers in order to locate the enemy.
  • We will raid other posses.


Our territory is extensive, which is why we need more rangers in order to patrol and protect it. Our territory includes Bushwhacker territory (West Elizabeth and Hennigan's Stead) and Cholla Springs.


  • Always follow the orders of your superior.
  • Do not kill any of your fellow posse members.

Joining the posse

Message me, Pur3Metal, or Thecoltkid about joining The Bushwhackers or the Bushwhacker Rangers. We do not tolerate racism or sexism. There are no requirements to join. You have two options for joining. You may either be a full member of the Bushwhackers/Rangers (Regular), or you may join the Volunteers. The Volunteers are players that may participate in other posses or are not on Xbox often. However, if you are on, we may call you to help us out.



  • Captain - Pur3Metal
    Confederate flag 2

    Confederate Flag

  • Lieutenant - ****


  • Sniper - Fogells25
  • Sniper - CappedSiamang0


  • Ranger - Irish 671
  • Ranger - INCREDIBLExMRxE
  • Ranger - Colby 6lb


  • CORNCOBninja

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