The Cats Pajamas is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About The Cats Pajamas posse

We are a group of friends who usually do gang hideouts and kill police (just for the hell of it!) We are an Xbox Live posse, but we dont only play RDR. --> We are an Xbox Live clan/posse and we are all friends. We usually complete gang hideouts or kill police just for the hell of it! Our posee/clan uses any weapons we can get our hands on and we arent afraid to spend our money getting guns and buying ammo. Some of our members are quickscopers,and as well as in CoD, they like to do it in Red Dead.

Joining the posse

You must be willing to stay loyal to our clan/posse. You dont have to be any certain rank to join, you dont have to be a master with certain weapons/skills, we just want people who can help us out! We dont have any set challenges to join the posse/clan, but we will soon. Message either myself (Th3 Apple), Iamjdubbz, or TheCatsPajama5 to join.



  • Leader 1 TheCatsPajama5
  • Co-Leader 1 Th3 Apple
  • Co-Leader 2 Iamjdubbz

Other members

  • Member 1 antialein
  • Member 2 davostar147
  • Member 3 V3NM X Trixkz
  • Member 4 Echo oV DreaMz

External links

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